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new logic version, 3june WWDC


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Yeah i use the 5.1 for music, and i put it on to Mojave two days back with compatible card. Runs fine, in fact, it runs very nice.


Predicament currently is that accountant is advising me money from this tax year to put into upgrades would be a smart idea - i got hit heavy last year as i was holding on for new Mac Pro announcements which never came, plan was to buy 3-4 new machines, i got busy, and taxman rubbed his greedy hands! :-(


So the decision is to go crossplatform on everything where possible so we're less locked into the Apple/T2 eco system. So with that focus, i've been moving licenses and buying software which runs across Win/Mac and splitting my productive time about 70/30 in windows favour - i done that end of last tax year.


Logic is the hurdle being Mac only, and ultimately will be the factor as to whether i want to stay with MacOS, and to be honest, i know this is a Logic forum, but Cubase is doing a whole let better for me - particularly with my outboard gear, and i get the impression that Windows is the lead platform there too.


I don't make money directly from music, the only time is if i have to work on a presentation video or interface which has multimedia elements as part of my main work. So while it's a passion, i have to drop it's worth to me when making a business decision, particularly with Davinci Resolve having strong audio elements and offering cross platform support from a paid work perspective.


Anyway, my personal situation hasn't much relevance on the subject really, but suffice to say moving between Mac and Windows for everything else has been an absolute breeze once cloud services are setup, i can start work on a project in Windows in the morning and finish it on Mac in the afternoon and not had any corruptions yet, so i'm 90% there.

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It still works as I remember. Rubber band around the area you want to zoom on and it zooms in..


The bold letters are still the same. But the fineprint has changed massively. See the detailed descriptions in this very thread. Really, for people who made the zooming part of their daily, essential workflow (for whatever reasons), it's like night and day.

I'm on a short family trip right now and just spent some time with "cab/mic IR cooking" - for which I'm using the zoom function a lot. It's absolutely unbelievable how much better it works under LP9 (on the 2008 MB I took with me).


Dude, I'm telling you IT IS part of my daily workflow and has been for around 15 years.


It will explain why the bug hasn't been fixed, if it only affects some users and Apple hasn't been able to nail the cause of it.

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I will say that with 10.4.5 they broke the multi-line labels for the channel strip.


Previously, you have been able to enter s hyphen in and it breaks your labels up across lines. Which is much more intuitive to lay things out then seen text chaotically wrapped. Anyway, it's broken now. Single line labels will centre vertically, while labels, that now wrap lines will align to the top.


It's not a functional problem, it shouldn't be a big deal, but man it does make everything look more chaotic and unwieldy. Not very user-friendly at all

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Use an "option-return" to separate lines in a multi-line track label.


Yes that works on the surface of it, but then your sidechain menu and input/output assignment menu will break that line into two. You can get past that problem, but the plugin window only displays the first line of the name which tends to lead to ambiguous displaying of names.


Then there’s the fact that when you render out an audio file the line break also gets burned into the file name. I haven’t tried it under APFS, but multi lined file names were a problem under HFS. Unfortunately it’s not a good solution, as much as I wished it was.


Apple contacted me back over the issue, so I explained both the situation of the hyphen and option+return with them, added some pretty screenshots for them to look at. Here’s hoping it gets fixed in the next release build.

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