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3rd Party Plugin factory presets database for Logic

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Hi everyone. I came up with this idea of creating a database for all factory 3rd Party Plugin presets, so that we can make full use of Logic's new Library feature.

I'm actually a huge fan of this new feature, so I started saving as .aupreset every single factory preset of my 3rd party plugin. That way, each time I open a 3rd party instrument/effect, all its factory presets show on the Library pan, just like Logic's own plugs.

The problem here is, as I'm sure is also your case, I have a few 3rd parties running on my system, and saving all their factory presets as .aupreset, it's a hell of a huge task. So, after asking David's opinion and getting a positive feedback about this, I'm finnaly starting this thread, so that instead of just going by myself thru all my 3rd party presets and do the same thing over and over, I might as well share that work with all Logic Pro Help users, and get the ball rolling.

And this means, of course, that you're free to come up with some work of your own and share it with all. So, if you think my work is worth, please download the files, use them, and whenever you have the chance, do the same with your 3rd party plugs.

If each LPH user do this with at least one bank of one single 3rd party plug, in no time we'll have all those plugs that we love ready to use as if they were built in L8's new Library feature.


Enough of talking now. Here are my first uploads:


Plugin: Rob Papen Albino 3

Number of Included Banks: 6

List of Banks:

- Ambient Layered

- Ambient Sounds

- Arpeggiator Layered

- Arpeggiator Sounds 1

- Arpeggiator Sounds 2

- Arpeggiator Sounds 3



Plugin: Native Instruments Absynth 4

Number of Included Banks: 2

List of Banks:

- Organ

- Piano/Keys



p.s.: I'm working on the rest of Albino and Absynth's banks, and I'll post them as soon as they are ready.


Hope you like the idea and that everyone contributes.







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Excellent idea! I'm definitely down. I'm at work now, but I'll get started once I'm home. Have you run into any quirks doing it this way? I was actually wondering if this was even possible over the weekend.


Great! Enhusiasm is what it takes to get this goin'.

Well, as for the procedure, once you get some practice it's quite easy (though a lit boring by the end of a 100+ preset bank :lol: ) but that's fine, and I actually found some really cool presets that I used to jump over. But once they are saved as .aupreset format, it works seamlessly. It's great to have all the presets available a click away even with the plugin window closed.

As an example, for the Absynth 4 presets, as they are "NI fashion" ordered, I simply select them by instrument, and start working from there (Piano/Keys, Organs, etc...) and save them on separate folders according to instruments. With Albino 3 it was a little different, because they already have they're factory presets organized in banks. So I chose one bank, and start from there. Again, saving each bank inside separate folders, to get things organized.


Hope this helps. And good work.


p.s.: maybe its a good idea to post a little note just to inform what plugin you'll be working on, before you post the actual files, just to avoid having two people doing the same thing ;)

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Hey anamorphis, here's a few I did for the RenEQ's. Sorry I don't have much time tonight (I'm in the middle of finishing up a project). But I did what I could with the time I had. I'll definitely be adding more to this thread as I think it's a great idea and well worth the time.


Quite a few people I know that use the RenEQ don't seem to realize that there is a setup library for this plug. It's a great starting point and it really shows what this EQ can do. I did 2 folders for the stereo versions of Req 4 and Req 6. I put them in my ~ / LIbrary / App Support / Logic / Plug-In Settings and they worked like a champ via the Library. Hopefully any RenEQ users out there will find them useful.


I'll try to add more by the end of the week. Again, thanks for the starting this thread and the great idea.


**added RenComp as well**

REQ 6 (s).zip

RenEQ 6 (s)

REQ 4 (s).zip

RenEQ 4 (s)

RenComp (s).zip

RenComp (s)

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I get a feeling that we're going to start seeing the 3rdParty develops start doing this as updates/part of the install. Simply check the 'Install Logic Studio Library Listings' as part of the install.


Betcha we see something like this from Native Instruments/KORE. I love that thing.

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Ok, so here are some bassic channel strip settings for each of the standard drum kits that come with Fxpansion's BFD. ...


These are just basic cst's for stereo, all, groups, and ultra ... I will post plug-in settings in a little bit for each kit's output setting ... Enjoy! Hope this helps ... simple & sweet :-)


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most definitely ... the idea is to get all the default presets for as many audio units out there ...


as anamorphis put it in his original post ...


I came up with this idea of creating a database for all factory 3rd Party Plugin presets, so that we can make full use of Logic's new Library feature.
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Hi guys. Here are the rest of the banks for Absynth 4:


I'm working on Albino 3 and will start NI's Massive as soon as possible.

Synth pt3.zip

Synth pt2.zip

Synth pt1.zip

Soundscapes pt2.zip

Soundscapes pt1.zip






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hey guys, very new to all of this, can someone tell me what to do with all these 3rd part plugins? Where do I put them?


Hi Troycubb. If you have any of the 3rd party plugs above mentioned installed, then follow the path on the screenshot, and copy the files you download from this thread to that folder.

The next time you open one of those plugs, the presets will show in the Library tab.

Hope this helps. :wink:


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Well, you can download demos for some of those from their websites, but you'll have to buy them latter, yes.



And to anyone who is confused, Biblioteca is Library, or library in your lozalized system. --Kent

:lol: Thanks Kent! Forgot about that "tiny" detail...

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