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Correcting a Note position post Beat Map

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The project in this Dropbox Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjop2yiuyknlf7g/BE - correct tempo.logicx.zip?dl=0  is from an arrangement transcribed after Beat Mapping manually ( with input drum sound midi template on beat 1 and 3 of 4/4 groove).

You can see the Tempo map in this project and map is pretty accurate .. except for the misplaced early beat in Bar 3 which can clearly be heard out of time...

The pattern of the rhythm is consistent and should sound consistent but in that bar the note comes to soon.

Question: can you adjust the Beat Map to change the position of a given note so it sounds in time?

If I try and do this it throws them all out...

Just wondering if anyone has a solution.. beyond entirely Beatmapping the whole Project from the start of the wrong note onwards to the end ( which is what I have usually done in the past).

The problem stems by the way from if your original Beat Map Template is not rhythmically spot on aligned with the Audio - and that is down to the person playing in the Beat Map in real time ( though you can of course use Varispeed to slow the entire Tempo of a fast tune down making it easier to Beat Map)



Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 16.47.55.png

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