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Sidechain Latency on a Bus Latency Problem still in 2022?


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I have Logic 10.7.3, and the problem still exists, maybe it is fixed with a newer version?


When using a sidechain/ducking plugin (Kickstart / Vengeance Sidechain / Xfer LFO Tool) at the end of an effectchain on a bus ....

and in this effectchain is a plugin which causes latency (usually Multiband Compressors like Ozone, Vengeance MBC etc),

then the ducking effect is out of sync and useless. 

In other DAWs like Cubase this problem does not exist, as I heard.

Maybe you can give me a hint with this issue I am struggeling now for a long time.


Thanks and cheers



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1 minute ago, sunbrother said:

Still a problem. For a few situations the problem was fixed and in some cases the problem was reintroduced, but we’re still waiting for a full fix to this problem.

thanks ... good to know, unbelivable it is still not fixed nowadays

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