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Latency on OH in Logic Drummer

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Hi there.

I suddenly noticed, that there now is a latency on the OH track in Logic Drummer. The rest of the kit plays in sync with the tempo of the song (click) and the rest of the instruments. I'm using producer Kit, Multi-output. It also happens with no plugins on the drum tracks, busses or stereo out. The problem disappears, when I switch on "Low Latency Mode". The drummer track is converted to a MIDI track, because I had to make som small adjustment to the drumming.

I need to bounce the MIDI track to Multi-output audio tracks, so I can start mixing the project, but when I'm bouncing the midi-drum track in Place (dragged the midi drummer track down to the OH track -> Bounce in Place -> create new tracks, multi output, bypass plug-ins), then all my separate drum tracks now are delayed (not only the OH) and not in sync with the rest of the song.

If I open older versions of the same song, the same problem now is there to, with it hasn't been before.

I've tried finding solutions on this forum and others, but none of it helped so far.

Any help is appreciated. 

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I'm currently using Logic Pro 10.8.1 on a MacBook Pro M3 Pro. The older versions of the same song, that I just checked was probably created on this Logic Version to, but the latency problem har just started today.

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Haven't found any solutions yet, so I copied all my tracks (including the drummer tracks with latency on the OH's), channel strips, markers etc. in to a new Logic session. Now there's no latency problem. So maybe it was some kind of Logic bug

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