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Problem NanoKontrol Studio


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Hi all! ‘It is disillusioned that I turn to you.

I bought the nanokontrol studio yesterday. I realize that on Mac, the drivers are no longer compatible with recent versions of my OS. However, Korg recommends using Apple Midi drivers. So I set everything in Kontrol editor, but when I click on “Write scene set” (I save the settings), a message “Timeout” appears, making it impossible to use this software. I have therefore been looking for since 10h, the means of logic parameter so that automations such as "Modulation", the expression, respectively 1, 11 for midi, can be controlled by the sliders of my nano. I can't configure this controller in Logic! I can decently control the volume, the pan, the velocity but the more advanced parameters (Those of the automations of regions) which make my orchestral instruments more realistic don't impossible to bind..! Do you have an idea..? Thanks a lot!

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Hi. This has been an issue with a few people. I too noticed the software was buggy but I got it to do exactly what you want it to do. 
I’m not at my computer right now so I can’t send the links to posts in this forum but if you search my posts + NanoKontrol you’ll find links to videos and a few other people with suggestions and solid help. 


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Hi Drew! Thank you first. I just checked that. Apparently, most of solutions was to use « Kontrol editor », which is impossible for me due to « Timeout » problem.

I haven’t (Maybe I just check a but fast) see anything about set up directly on logic, Am I right?

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Hello guys!

First of all, thank you for your answers.

Unfortunately, I just sent my nano back. the problem was apparently with the cable. Missing in the box, I had to use a phone cable which creates some compatibility issues. Korg editor, not working with Bluetooth connexion, I was not able to use it.

I bought a new Midimix console, which I recommend! Really good product! 🙂

Really easy to use and to configure.

Thanks again and have a good day. And don’t buy nanokontrol for Mac.

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