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Sending out channel strip levels to MIDI controller upon patch change


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I have an MIDI controller (X Touch MINI from Behringer) connected to my computer. I have its rotatory encoders control my channel strips volumes, and the channel strips levels correctly shown by the LEDs around the rotatory encoders (for instance when I change the volume of a channel strip in MainStage with the mouse, the LEDs of the corresponding rotatory encoder on the MIDI controller correctly follow). Since I have other channel strips in each patch, I've setup these mappings for each patch in my concert.

My problem is that when I change patch (typically using the mouse or keyboard), the LEDs don't jump to the level of the new channel strip they're assigned to in this patch. They just keep on displaying the value they were at in the previous patch. But again, as soon as I manually change the volume of the channel strip with the mouse for instance, the LEDs correctly follow.

How can I have the levels shown on my MIDI controller directly follow the initial levels of my channel strips when I change to a new patch? Can I somehow force MainStage to automatically output MIDI messages to the controller with the levels upon patch change?


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