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Meta objects in polyphonic staves


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Posting this to report to apple:

Unnecessary problematic behaviour where Meta objects in polyphonic staves attach to ‘staff’ instead of voice. These are a pain in ‘explode polyphony’ where they incorrectly reappear in every exploded stave. Unnecessary 'staff' designation anyway as midi channel already defines voice in poly staves?


exploded view: Screenshot2023-11-20at13_30_12.png.fdcf69c641b38581cff3549ec0ebfe8e.png

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If you attach the symbol to the note, it will not replicate in Explode Polyphony. It becomes an attribute of the note, it does not appear in Event List, and it can be deleted by selecting the note and hitting control-delete. 

If you drag it in as a separate symbol (option-drag and placement), it creates a Meta event. It is only attached to the staff. Since the staff appears in Explode Polyphony as many times as the staff has channels, the symbol will appear in "every" staff (though really, the staves in XP are the same singular staff).   


Unnecessary 'staff' designation anyway as midi channel already defines voice in poly staves?

Not quite. A Meta Event knows nothing of voices. Its channel defines only the staff. 

I will use independent symbols on occasion, but it's usually with tricky notation passages or graphic collisions. 

For example, if you have thirds on a staff, an F and a D on channels 1 (stem up) and 2 (stem down) respectively, and you attach a staccato dot to the F, Logic puts it underneath the F's notehead -- which can't be seen because the D's notehead blocks it out. So I will put an independent staccato dot above the F. 

In your example, that's not necessary. Is there a reason you're not attaching this symbol to the F natural? If you did, Explode Polyphony would represent what you'd like to see.  

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12 hours ago, Atlas007 said:

To officially report bugs to Apple, have you posted your issue on the Logic Pro Feedback website?

Sorry if that wasn't clear, I wrote it up here to then include the post link when reporting to apple so as to be better able to describe issue with images etc.…if that's ok with the moderators… 

8 hours ago, Plowman said:

Not quite. A Meta Event knows nothing of voices. Its channel defines only the staff. 

Yeah I'm saying that this is a redundant implementation and probably a legacy from some discontinued incomplete paradigm and that it should know channel/voice. It clashes with the usual paradigm for stave/voice designation - it's redundant and serves only to create the problem - see also the slurs. Independent notes have no such problem as they can be channelized as normal.

Obviously I don't expect developers to pay any attention to this but just thought might be interesting to make note of. Thanks for responding

It's a classic Logic score situation where a feature is almost very cool and in fact better than other scoring software except for the fact that it's flawed. Polyphonic staves with staff styles using '-Full' rests very cool with below environment setup for proper polyphony:


Would be nice to clean up the explode polyphony feature is all. thanks

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