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.lbm files!?


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Certain audio regions (left tom drum) in my project have no waveforms on them. I see the "tom_left#130" region in the arrange window, but no waveform.


In the project's "audio files" folder, I have the "tom_left#130.lbm" file, but no "tom_left#130.aif"


Where did my tom files go?

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I had the same issue and could not find anything helpful on the subject. However, for me, the solution was as simple as locating the files. In my case, I spent hours trying to convert the LBMs back to AIFs using all types of methods to no avail. Nobody seems to know what these LBMs are, but they are certainly not your files, and they contain none of your information on them so don't waste your time.


I found my missing AIFs in the trash. I have no idea how they got there, but there they were sitting in there good as ever. Put them back and everything is working fine now. I guess Logic just decided to spit them out. Can't explain it, but nobody else can either so what the hell. Just look around for the AIFs... they're somewhere!

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.LBM File Extension:

Interchange File Format-Interleaved Bitmap (IFF-ILBM) file; created by Electronic Arts' Deluxe Paint, a graphics editor developed for Amiga systems and later ported to other platforms.


LBM files use formatting similar to Portable Bitmap (.PBM) files. They may be black and white, 16 color, or 256 color images.​


These are not mentioned in Logic's documentation though. I'd guess they have (had?) something to do with the display of audio waveforms at one time.

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I am working with someone who sent me their project... when I opened it it indicated it could not locate the files.


When I went back and looked at his project ( on his computer) - the files appear as .aif in the browser, the project plays perfectly - but when I go to view the audio files in finder their extension is listed as .lbm and they are only 1k in size...... Totally confused or had too many of those brownies last night....


anyone have clue what could be going on.......


Here is the audio bin....




Here is finder ( inside the package file)



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See my post above. It seems that .lbm files are a kind of graphics file. I did a search on my system and I did find a few of them, in the same folder as audio files with the same name. However, the audio files are Zero bytes in size, just like the ones in your screenshot. (Did you notice that?) I opened my project supposedly containing these files and they weren't listed in the Audio Bin.


Could it be that your friend's files were in fact trashed but they are somehow still displayed in the project?


As I speculated above, perhaps the .lbm files are to do with waveform displays.

Maybe they are a remnant of deleted files.


??? Look for an earlier version or a backup of the project...?

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