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another goody, some of you may know already, they are by far my personal faves, and i can't imagine ever being able to live without them since i know / use them...


they are NOT digitally "clean" at all, i am speaking lots of tonal character, soul and colour.


something we (or at least myself) are looking for in serious vintage outboard gear speaking fairchild, mainley or pultec...


the FISHFILLETS bundle by http://www.digitalfishphones.com programmed by sasha eversmaier who programms by day for magix!!


check em' out...

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hi david it's a little sad that not more logic freaks contribute to this ratherusefull list!!


however here is a super usefull utility apps i was looking for since years... and recently stumbled across.


its called dropsound and it's a player for super quick checking your sample or sound librarys... with a very clever keyboard shortcut support, to cut a long corner short, just check it out... http://www.dropsound.net i had problems with the link, so if you have trouble just use google - dropsound 2.9

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Chip32 -- small wave table synthesizer plugin




"Chip32 is simple wavetable synthesizer.

The wavetable is defined by 32 8bit values, so it is very cheap sounding!"


Found it here on a whole page of ported AU plugs:



Links to http://bram.smartelectronix.com/ from there will get you

Cyanide, Bouncy and Trigga -- which may have already been mentioned,,, definitely worthy


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Here's a REALLY good one!


Urs Heckmann's ZOYD from http://www.u-he.com/



public technology preview

0) Overview


Zoyd is a virtual Synthesizer. It has a rich feature set embedded in a semi-modular architecture to produce unique sonic experience. It doesn't try to simulate existing technology and has it's own character.


Zoyd has the capability to produce powerful, warm bass sounds, metallic chirp, silky pads and lots of destructive noise. Roundabout 80 parameters allow for extensible ways to tweak the sound.


Though Zoyd's internal workings are different in some way from common stuff, the knobs look quite familiar and invite for instant sound design.


To get an impression what Zoyd is, try John's wonderful Preset:


"We R ILL"


The Zoyd can sing! (At least a little bit...)


Urs is looking for feedback on ZOYD so give it a go and drop him a line.

Also his donationware MORE FEEDBACK MACHINE is pretty wild & worth a look.


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I found this effect quite interesting, Vinyl from iZotope at this link...




Vinyl and record player emulation, if you can't get that retro sound authentically then this is the next best thing.




i love Izotope's plug-ins (especially Trash) and i use Vinyl A LOT. its a great plugin.


these are probably obvious freebies but i didnt see them mentioned here:




i have been pretty happy with their stuff so far.

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cool, yeah... urs is also responsible for porting / helping to port the fishfillets by digital fishphones into AUs.... and i could not think to ever live without the blockfish!! again.


Urs is a genius. I bought ZEBRA 2* and also FILTERSCAPE. Brilliant!




p.s. HEADS UP! early discount may still be available for Zebra 2, if you hurry!

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Black Water Music have a variant of Freeverb3 available at:




which is very clean, uses little or no CPU to speak of,

and is grand for verbing up tracks prior to freezing with

hungry, better things.


In fact, I keep a bus with it in all the time, just to audition

stuff through in the early stages of mix.



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