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Logic Pro 10.6 Official Manual and Resources

David Nahmani

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Official Apple Logic Pro page



Online manuals




Logic Pro X User Guide: Download the PDF | Go to Apple Books

Logic Pro X Instruments: Download the PDF | Go to Apple Books

Logic Pro X Effects: Download the PDF | Go to Apple Books


Logic Pro X Control Surfaces


PDF manual

Impulse Response Utility


Apple Pro Training Series Logic Pro book

Logic Pro X: Professional Music Production


Logic Pro classes and consulting:



Facebook pages

Logic Pro Help

Apple Pro Training Series Logic Pro X book


Twitter page



Logic Pro Custom Graphic Interfaces

The Customising Logic Pro X GUI Colours Thread


Demo song

To open the demo song Colors by Beck, in Logic Pro X, choose File > New From Template. In the template chooser, click Demo Projects and double-click Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes.


Famous producers using Logic

VIP Celebrity Famous Logic users


Provide feedback to Apple


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- Midi regions can now freely be shortened by dragging from the left handle. Before this was limited.

- Finally - moving multiple tracks at once

- Specific key commands for new audio track/software/etc. big workflow improver, bypassing the "New track" dialogue.

- When importing tracks with sends assigned, LPX will ask you to use and select an existing aux or create new ones.

- More to come :)

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New Retro Synth, Clav, Organ, and Electric Piano instruments.


Bass Amp Designer and new stompboxes in Pedalboard.


Round robin sample support in EXS24.


Alternatives (integrated versioning).


Project packages - everything contained in one package instead of a folder (still supports folder structure if desired).


Autosave in the background.


I also suggest the major features that were removed be documented directly. Especially the fact that the 32-bit bridge is now gone.

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Here's my tip for the day..


With Drummer, you can have separate outs.


1. Initiate drummer track

2. Change the Drum Designer plugin to EXS24 multi out (after you've picked a kit)

3. Click the plus button on the channel strip as many times as you need to separate things... Logic will create labelled, setup Aux's Kick, Snare, Toms, Hi-Hat/Perc.

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Official Apple website: http://www.apple.com/logic-pro/


• esc key command to show tools is now T




I don't see that. First of all I reloaded a LP 9.x project. "esc" still shows me the tools menu which is still a problem because I can't go full screen. "T" pops up the tempo list.


So perhaps controlled by a pref setting ?


Sounds like you're using the old key commands preset. Logic Pro X should have asked if you wanted to continue using the old ones or change to the new ones. In the new ones the "T" toggles the tool menu.



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Nobody seems to have mentioned it, but it has support for exporting FCPX XML and Compound clips.


Not that export is as necessary as the other way around - I haven't tested it yet but it imports FCPX XML.


I hope it does it clip-based, because if thats the case this is some very nice integration right there.

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Is there a way to do Bounce to iTunes Library?


Apparently not, that option is missing from the bounce dialog. Another one for the "removed features" thread. At the same time, even though I often used it, I can live without out it, although I really do not understand at all why they've removed it? I cannot remember a single person having issues because of that option. :?

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Choose File > Share > To iTunes.


Yer but it's not the same as a Bounce.... Only a few file choices etc.



I really don't understand the removal of features. Unless they directly conflict with new software updates. Seems like the motto should be add rather than subtract

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I actually like this better, to be honest. Although it would be nice go have some control of the file start and end points - now I assume with share you'll bounce anything between the project start- and end marker?


(to the manual!)...


OK, I think everybody using "share to iTunes" should read this carefully, because you will not immediately spot in the Share dialog if cycle mode is still on...

When you share a project to iTunes, the entire project, from the beginning to the end of the last region, is exported. Any silence at the beginning or end of the project is trimmed.* If Cycle mode is on when you share the project, the part of the project between the start and end of the cycle region is exported.


*to bad there's no user control over that. I feel it should also show locators like in 'normal' bouncing.

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Sorry but back to the letter T for the tools list - I specifically said "Yes" the first time I started LPX when it asked me if I wanted to use the new set of key commands designed for LPX - but Esc is still what brings up the tool list for me, and T does nothing?? Strange?
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Try Logic Pro X > Key Commands > Presets > U.S.


A-ha! I have mine set to Laptop! Thanks, Eric.


But if I use U.S. instead of Laptop, won't it be requiring a number pad to be able to access all available key commands?


Really I'm not complaining, I still like using Esc for the tool list, but I'm just curious.

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You know that can assign it it manually if you want?

1. hit alt-K, to get the key commands window.

Type "tool" in its' search box (optional, it's just for easier searching)




2. Select the command, click the Learn by Key Label button (turns blue), hit T. Hit Learn by Key Label button again, close window, done.

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