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Issues with Keyboard Recording Playback specifically with Sustain Pedal


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5 hours ago, BEEMER said:

sometimes when I play it back the sustain pedal is not on and the notes are all.

The notes are all ... what?

Try this:

  1. Open a project that has this issue.
  2. Save a copy of the project.
  3. In that copy, remove all tracks but one that shows this issue.
  4. Replace the instrument with a Logic electric piano instrument.
  5. Attach that project here. 
  6. Tell us how we should proceed in order to reproduce your issue?
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Sorry for that weird typo. 

Basically, let's say I record a song while holding the sustain pedal down the whole time on my keyboard while I play 3 notes. Upon playback, those notes are all sustained and play smoothly. However, after a few more plays in Logic, the sustain goes away and I am left with those 3 notes without the sustain. (Sorry for weird terminology, I am new-er to music..). After a few more re-tries the sustain intermittently comes back. This is not a physical hardware problem and purely software (Logic), as I mentioned sometimes the sustain DOES play. 

I will give your suggestion a go. Thanks. 

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