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Logic Pro 10.7.5 is out!

David Nahmani

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Logic Pro 10.7.5 is now out, bringing:

  • Nested track stacks
  • Gain tool (drag a region - or selection of regions - up or down to adjust gain)
  • Record MIDI FX to track (no more IAC routing hack)
  • Ableton Link support (over WiFi)
  • Pedalboard individual pedals as separate plug-ins
  • Smart Tempo "Free Record" transport button
  • Custom HRTF profiles for spatial audio mixing
  • 32 bit audio file support
  • Option to include (or not to include) tempo information when exporting audio
  • New sounds (samples, drumkits...)
  • Score editor support for SMuFL font Petaluma

More details: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203718

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 9.08.39 PM.png

Full release notes: 

New in Logic Pro 10.7.5
New features and enhancements

The number of Round Robins available in Autosampler has been increased from 8 to 32.
Smart Tempo detection has been improved.
There are new key commands in the Smart Tempo Editor, including Toggle Track/Master View, Cycle Through Routing Destination Views and Cycle Through Subviews.
When dragging plug-ins into category folders in the Plug-in Manager, there is now visual feedback to show folders which already contain the plug-in.
Logic now offers a Region Gain tool.
The Score in Logic now supports the SMuFL font Petaluma.
When the Command key is assigned to the Marquee tool, clicking a region while pressing Command + Option + Shift adds the range of the region to an existing Marquee selection.
There is a new key command called Remove Crossfades.
The Change Length command now support non-integer values.
Transients can now be viewed in the Smart Tempo Editor.
There is now a Search Patch key command that opens the Patch area of the Sound Library and places the focus into the Search field.
Individual Track Zoom can now be applied to a selection of multiple tracks.
There is a new key command Select Channel Strips with Same Panner Type.
Cycle range can now be adjusted in the Smart Tempo Editor ruler.
Logic Pro now supports Ableton Link.
Stomp boxes from the Pedalboard plug-in are now available as individual plug-ins.
Logic can now record MIDI FX plug-in output as MIDI to the tracks area from any point in a chain of MIDI FX plug-ins.
The Smart Tempo Editor now provides a method for giving the analysis algorithm hints regarding the location of beats in a region.
The Dolby Atmos plug-in can now load Personalized Spatial Audio profiles created by iPhones with iOS 16 and a TrueDepth camera for an optimized Spatial Audio experience with headphones.
 Logic now includes new hard-hitting Stereo Output track presets specially designed for hip-hop production.
Logic Pro now supports 32-bit floating point audio files natively.
Stability and reliability

Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when copying tracks from one project to another.
Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when a EuControl layout is recalled on a connected EUCON control surface.
Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when enabling “Editing (selection)” and “Quantize Locked (audio)” while setting up a Group.
Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when opening folders with long file names in the All Files browser on a Mac with Apple silicon running Logic in Rosetta mode.
Logic no longer hangs when Flex mode is switched off after Slice at Transient Markers has been performed.
Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when choosing Import Environment > Replace by Name from the Options menu in the Environment window.
Fixes an issue where Option-dragging regions to copy them sometimes results in the unexpected deletion of other regions.
Projects shared via Airdrop now open as expected on the destination Mac.
Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when importing ADM files on a Mac with Apple silicon.
Resolves an issue in which Logic would sometimes quit unexpectedly while parameters in an Audio Unit plug-in window were being adjusted.
Resolves an issue where switching the Audio Device between “Built-in” and AirPods Max could cause Logic to quit unexpectedly.
Fixes an issue where Logic could sometimes quit unexpectedly when playback of a Live Loops cell with merged audio regions is started.
Resolves an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when using native Apple silicon Audio Unit plug-ins in multi-mono mode.
Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when automating certain parameters of Audio Unit plug-ins.
Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly after saving a Step Pattern in the StepFX plug-in and then removing the plug-in from the channel strip.
Resolves an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly while stepping through presets in the Soundtoys EffectRack.
Logic no longer quits unexpectedly when the Virtual Memory setting for Sampler is toggled in the Logic Settings.
Resolves an issue where Logic would quit unexpectedly when converting region-based automation to track-based automation if the track had more than one automation lane showing the same parameter.
Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when stopping a Selection-based Processing operation by pressing Command + Period (.)
Resolves an issue in which Logic could quit unexpectedly at launch after adding a third-party control surface plug-in.
Resolves an issue in which Logic could quit unexpectedly after dragging an audio file into Source A with additive analysis in Alchemy and then using the arrow key to select a duplicate of the track.
Resolves and issue in which Logic could quit unexpectedly when using the down arrow to navigate the Track List while removing the assigned inputs from audio tracks.

Performance is improved when browsing samples in Sampler.
Fixes an issue where dragging region-based automation nodes could generate unnecessary MIDI events.
The cursor no longer seems to freeze briefly when scrubbing plug-in controls.
Performance is improved when applying Slice at Transient Markers.
Audio now plays as expected on mono audio tracks using a Binaural Panner on a Mac with Apple silicon.
Performance when rubber-band zooming with the Zoom Tool has been improved to allow better results when a lower percentage of a region is included in the selection.
An unnecessary sub-folder for Freeze files is no longer created for unfrozen Software Instrument tracks that contain MIDI data.
Resolves an issue where Logic could sometimes display a “Too many disk I/O tasks” alert when the tempo is increased in a portion of the project with flexed regions.
Fixes an issue where performing Undo could cause Logic to hang briefly.
Logic no longer becomes unresponsive when both the third-party plug-in and Logic's MIDI script for the Nektar Panorame P1 device are installed.
The progress bar now updates while creating a Smart Tempo Multitrack Set.

Changes made when using VoiceOver to control the Surround panner are now audible.
It is now possible to open a contextual menu using VoiceOver when a region is selected.
VoiceOver now correctly announces transpose settings in the Region Inspector.
Navigating scores with multiple staves using VoiceOver has been improved.
VoiceOver now correctly announces the display state of the Piano Roll when opening or closing it.
VoiceOver now correctly announces the display state of automation when toggling it.
VoiceOver now correctly reads out the state of the Metronome when clicking its button on the Control Bar.
VoiceOver now announces the state of inspectors when toggling with the Show/Hide Inspector key command.
VoiceOver now announces locator points that are set using Key Commands.
VoiceOver now announces the state of the Learn button in Smart Controls.
VoiceOver behavior in the Settings > Audio > I/O Assignments window is improved.
VoiceOver now correctly announces the state of an unarmed record button in the Track Header.
VoiceOver performance in the Overlapping Track Recordings section of the Settings > Recording window is improved.
Controls in the Step Sequencer tool bar now reliably retain focus after interactions with VoiceOver.
VoiceOver now announces the state of the Step On/Off and the Edit Mode Selector buttons in the Step Sequencer.
The Toolbar in Step Sequencer is now accessible with VoiceOver.
The playhead position is now announced by VoiceOver when the Forward by Transient key command is used.
VoiceOver now correctly announces the current track selection when using the up/down arrow keys to navigate the Track List.
VoiceOver now announces deletion of regions using the delete or backspace key.
Accessibility in Step Sequencer is improved.
Spatial Audio and surround 

The Spatial Audio Head Tracking option is now available with AirPods that have been renamed.
In Controls view, the Dolby Atmos plug-in no longer offers Monitoring Format options that are not possible with the current configuration.
The render modes for Object tracks in the Dolby Atmos plug-in are now maintained when the audio device is changed, or when rearranging the order of tracks in the Track List.
Spatial Audio playback for Apple Studio Display speakers is now configured properly.
Stopping playback of a multi-channel audio file that only has audio content on one channel no longer shows a spike on all channels of a level meter.
ADM BWF files that don't contain Trim or Downmix settings now import as expected into Logic Pro.
Smart Tempo

Apply Project Tempo to Region and Downbeat now accurately moves a selected region to the downbeat after the region has been trimmed and moved.
The Move to Beat command now consistently works after the left corner of a region has been adjusted.
Resolves an issue where changing the volume level of a MIDI track in the Smart Tempo Editor could change the track's volume level in the Mixer.
Resolves an issue where the Smart Tempo Editor could offset beat markers if it was open during recording and “Trim start of new regions” was enabled.
Preview in the Smart Tempo Editor no longer stops at the end of the cycle range if cycle is turned off during playback.
Preview in the Smart Tempo Editor now follows changes made to the cycle range or position during playback.
Audio files opened in the Smart Tempo Editor are no longer marked as changed when no edits have been yet performed.
After performing a recording in ADAPT mode, an alert asking whether to show the Smart Tempo Editor is no longer shown if the window is already open.
Logic no longer writes tempo information to recorded audio files in the musical grid is switched off or the metronome is not active whole recording.
Live Loops

Surround files that are converted to the project sample rate when added to a Live Loops cell now play back at the correct pitch when Follow tempo is disabled.
Drag and drop of loops or regions below the Output track into the Live Loops grid now creates all cells as expected.
Live Loops cells now account for the Delay parameter in the Track Inspector.
Live Loops Cells no longer display missing content warning after missing content is installed.
Live Loops cells recorded with the setting “Play from: Playhead Position” are no longer out of sync until playback is stopped and then restarted.
Audio regions created with region repeat within a cell are no longer unexpectedly muted.
The timing of Live Loops cells triggering Drum Machine Designer is more reliable.
Creating a Drum Machine Designer pattern region by dragging an audio loop or file to the Track Header now places the pattern region in an empty Live Loops cell instead of the Tracks Area on the track in cases where the Live Loops grid is the only active view.
MIDI Transformer is now available for selected Live Loops cells.
Live Loops cells created by dragging MIDI files to the grid now correctly display the names of the MIDI files for each cell.
Audio files imported to a Live Loops cell are now properly rounded to the nearest beat.
Fixes an issue where region gain and transpose settings are could be changed when recording a performance into a single Live Loops cell.
Velocity automation added in the Piano Roll to a MIDI cell that has been converted from a Pattern cell now immediately has effect.
Flex Time and Flex Pitch 

Flex edits are now preserved when recording over a span that encompasses more than one existing Flexed region in Create Take Folder mode.
Flexed audio regions in cycle or Live Loops playback now remain in sync with the click in cases where there are closely spaced tempo changes.
Fixes an issue where trimming the left border of a Flex-timed region that has both manual flex markers and is quantized could throw the flex edits out of sync.
The audio waveform display on regions using the Flex Slicing mode now reliably matches the audio output.
Flex tempo markers are now updated correctly after a region border is adjusted.
Resolves an issue where dividing a region that is using Flex Time could sometimes cause the region to go out of sync.
Selecting a Quantize setting in an audio region, Live Loops cell inspector or contextual menu now automatically enables Flex Time mode.
Audio region waveform overviews now consistently update to show changes when regions using Flex Time Slicing mode are split.
The Reset All command now works after Set to Perfect Pitch has been applied to the same selection.
Resolves an issue where in certain cases manually inserting tempo markers in the Smart Tempo editor could causes audio artifacts when performing Flex Time edits.
Fixes an issue where the audio waveform could disappear or change while editing a region in Flex: Slicing mode.
It is now possible to move a note with the Hand tool in Flex Pitch view without changing its length.
Audio waveforms now display correctly on quantized audio tracks in Flex Time: Slicing mode.
Audio recordings that should be detected as polyphonic are no longer set to Slicing mode when Flex Time is enabled on a track.
The Snap Regions to Absolute Value setting now works as expected if Flex is enabled.
ARA Support

Cloned regions from original regions that include Melodyne ARA edits now include those edits.
Audio now plays as expected in cases where the channel format of a channel strip that includes an instance of Melodyne ARA does not match the region channel format.
Melodyne ARA now displays the correct track name when two audio tracks in the same Folder are both using an instance of Melodyne ARA.
Sampler and Quick Sampler

Fixes an issue in Sampler where Toggling the One Shot button while a note is being held and loop mode is active could cause the loop to continue playing until the Transport is started.
View options settings in Quick Sampler are now retained after the plug-in window has been closed and reopened.
24-bit audio files dragged into Sampler or Quick Sampler are no longer converted to the bit depth currently set in the Files> Export > Region as Audio File setting.
Quick Sampler now offers a command to create a Sampler Track.
Resolves an issue where setting the Voice Count for a Group in Sampler could set all other Groups with Zones set to the same Key Range to the same number of voices.
The audio quality of Flex Pitched notes in Sampler is improved.

Clicking on a control in the Articulation Editor now reliably selects its row.
The keyswitch trigger mode for articulations now works as expected in the Studio Horns instrument.

Record Automation with Regions now follows the selected “Write Automation For:” options in Settings > Automation.
Touch mode automation now responds correctly when releasing a control in the Binaural Panner.
Using the key command Play or Stop and Go to Last Locate Position while writing automation in Latch mode now writes the correct automation as expected in cases where the key command has been customized.
Stepped automation is no longer converted to ramps when MIDI Transform is used to shorten the interval between steps.
Fixes an issue where applying relative automation that increases the Pan value to a setting greater than +63 could cause the pan setting to roll over to -64.
Fixes an issue where region-based automation on Flex Timed audio regions could move unexpectedly when the left corner of the region is adjusted.
When Autoselect Automation in Read Mode is enabled and Automation is visible, the default automation lane for a newly created track is Volume rather than Pan.
Resolves an issue where bypassed automation could affect a channel fader when the “Use preset parameter value for regions without region automation” setting is enabled.
Editing Region-based automation while playing now disables Catch as expected.
Resolves an issue where automation from certain plug-ins could be written to frozen tracks unexpectedly.
Logic now instantly writes all automation necessary changes when loading new AU presets while playing while writing automation.
It is now possible to edit Region-based automation on open Take folders reliably.
Selecting Pan as the automation parameter now defaults to Absolute Pan rather than Relative Pan.
The Automation view no longer shows Atmos plug-in parameters that cannot be automated.
Dividing a region that contains region-based automation no longer causes an unexpected automation point to be added to the right-hand region resulting from the division.
Splitting a region no longer deletes Region-based automation points that are at the exact position in the region where the split was performed.

When a new VCA is initially assigned to an Aux channel that is not assigned to a track, it is now possible to create new VCAs as expected.
The Down Mixer plug-in is now available on the Surround Master channel when the surround format is set to 7.1.
Fixes an issue where option-clicking the Solo button to activate Exclusive Solo on a muted channel could unmute it when solo is deactivated.
The Bypass All Effect Plug-ins key command now works as expected on all selected channel strips in the Mixer.
Fixes an issue where the Bypass all Plug-ins command could unexpectedly bypass a Software Instrument plug-in if there are MIDI Effect plug-ins on the channel.
Routing a new send from a channel strip now creates a stereo Aux whether the source channel is mono or stereo.
Fixes an issue where renaming a folder track in the mixer could also rename all other folders.
The Sends On Fader menu now remains visible when the size of the Mixer is reduced.
The state of the Sends on Faders button is correctly maintained when the Mixer is closed and then reopened.
Sort Tracks no longer moves sub-tracks out of Track Stacks.

Fixes an issue that prevented automation changes in the same group from being applied to locked tracks.
Resolves an issue where the Track Editor always displayed the contents of the first track in a Group when regions on other tracks from the Group are selected.

Adjustments made to the Additive tab of the editor in existing presets are now retained when the preset is saved and then reloaded.
Performance knobs that have been assigned to a mod-mapped rate control, then to something else now display values correctly.
The Artist name from the Logic preferences is now written as Sound Designer in user-created Alchemy presets.
Alchemy Step Sequencer files now reliably save to the correct default location, instead of the last location saved to generally.
Alchemy now uses tunings as expected when selected before an Alchemy instance is added to the project.
The preset Visions of Pyramids no longer outputs an unexpectedly loud audio peak when a note is sustained for a long time.
Alchemy now offers 3 additional Stepped Note Properties that offer new resync and step number options.
Alchemy includes overall improvements to root key detection, pitched vs. unpitched material and fine tuning when importing samples.
Drummer and Drum Machine Designer

Fixes an issue where loading a new drum kit piece into a subtrack could remove Aux sends from the Drum Machine Designer kit.
Resolves an issue where Drummer regions converted to MIDI regions could play back unexpected kit pieces or articulations.
Drum Machine Designer now includes a control to turn off the Filter in Sampler.
Resolves an issue where Drummer regions converted to MIDI regions could sometimes trigger unexpected drum kit sounds.
The Delete unused tracks command no longer unexpectedly deletes Drum Machine Designer sub tracks in a Live Loops project when only the Summing Track of the Drum Machine Designer Track Stack is held in a cell.

Fixes an issue where the Repeater in the Remix FX plug-in could produce audible clicks when playing back in a project with tempo changes.
Resolves an issue where switching from a track using the Mellotron instrument while sustaining notes could cause notes to get stuck.
The Create New Track with Next MIDI Channel command now increments the port number after MIDI channel 16 is reached when used on AUv3 software instruments that support multiple ports.
After the Settings > General > Accessibility > Plug-in Window > Open in Controls View by default setting is turned off, existing plug-ins in the current project now immediately open in Editor view.
7.1 Surround now works as expected with Audio Unit plug-ins
Automation parameters for Audio Unit plug-ins running in Dual Mono mode are now available on a Mac with Apple silicon.
Sculpture correctly uses the project tuning when it is set to High Definition render mode as expected
The Compare button now works consistently with third-party Audio Unit plug-ins.
It is now possible to make fine adjustments in all of Logic's built-in plug-ins using the Shift key and a mouse scroll wheel.
Fixes an issue where editing regions on certain Audio Unit software instrument tracks could trigger unexpected sounds.
Plug-ins now offer sidechain functionality when Advanced Tools is not enabled.
The plug-in window browser in Logic now reliably remains in sync when browsing through Audio Unit plug-in presets using the plug-in's internal browser
The Scale setting in the Channel EQ is now recalled from saved patches and settings.
Going from Controls view to Editor view on the AUDelay plug-in now retains any custom view settings previously made in the Editor view.
Custom plug-in names that start with numbers now display correctly.
Names of user presets created by modifying factory presets for AUv3 plug-ins are now displayed correctly.
Resolves an issue in which AUv3 software instruments would sometimes not receive MIDI events.
Sorting by Type in the Plug-in Manager window is improved.
The Compare function now works with Audio Unit plug-ins.
Projects that include the Valhalla Supermassive plug-in no longer show as being edited when first opened.
MIDI Polyphonic Expression now works for Audio Unit plug-ins that support it.
All editable parameters for Producer Kits in Drum Kit Designer are now available in Controls View.
The Freeze button in ChromaVerb is now dimmed in algorithms that don't offer the Freeze function.
Logic can now capture MIDI data from AUv3 plug-ins as regions,
The Input Listen setting on the Tye Dye Delay stomp box now works as expected.
Settings for distortion and overdrive plug-ins are now level-compensated.
The LFO slider in Retro Synth can now be reliably controlled when the display view is scaled.
Track names for Kontakt patches now display as expected.
Step Sequencer

Fixes an issue where doubling the length of a Pattern region could convert it to a MIDI region unexpectedly.
Selecting a row within a pattern region now selects the inspector channel strip for the Drum Machine Designer pad.
The order of edit parameters in Step Sequencer sub-rows is now maintained when Pattern Regions are a repeated using Command - R.
Takes and comping

Take names now display as expected when a recording is made over a take that has been divided into smaller regions.
Saved comps are now maintained as expected when a Take region using Flex Time - Slicing mode is split after a tempo change.
Regions created from unpacking a Take folder are now colored according to the Take within the comp.
Fades applied within Take folders are now reliably retained after a project is saved, closed, then reopened, or when the Take folder is flattened.
Recording a long audio take over noncontiguous audio regions in a track now places the newly recorded audio as the second take in the resulting Take folder, as expected.
Unpacking and then repacking a Take folder now preserves the take numbers as expected.
Creating a Take folder by recording over several existing regions now preserves the region names as expected.
The name of a selected Take Region is now shown in the Region Inspector.
There are new options to unpack Take Folders: Unpack to Independent Tracks, Unpack to Independent Tracks (mute inactive), Unpack to Tracks with Same Channel, and Unpack to Track Alternatives
After packing a Take Folder, the track containing the Take Folder now has focus as expected.
Track Stacks

It is now possible to create Track Stacks that include One-track Folders.
The Select Tracks > Unused command now works inside Track Stacks.
Selecting multiple closed Summing Track Stacks in the Track List now also selects the tracks inside each Track Stack as expected.
If the preference “Select tracks on region selection” is enabled, selecting multiple Track Stack overview regions now selects all associated Track Stack tracks.
Playing into a Folder Stack that contains a Drum Machine Designer track that has been duplicated no longer triggers both the original and the duplicated instance of Drum Machine Designer.
Key Commands

The Solo Lock key command now toggles off solo lock when pressed a second time.
Key command sets now switch as expected when switching from US to another input language.
There are now key commands for Delete Section between Locators (Global), Delete Section between Locators (Selection) and Delete Sections of Selected Arrangement Markers.
It is no longer possible to re-assign key commands for system-based commands such as Undo and Save
The “Stop and Go to Last Locate Position” command now works as expected after the “Play or Stop” command has just been used.
All key commands for settings available in the Region Inspector now work as expected when the inspector is closed.
The Customized button in the Key Commands window now lights when a key command that has been edited is selected.
The key command “Go into folder or region” now works on One-track Folders.
There is now a key command for Quantize Off.
Sound Library

The Oblique Structures sound pack now displays in the Sound Library.
Patches saved from the Output channel strip in the dual view of the channel strip inspector now load as expected.
Ultrabeat samples that have been moved from the default install location can now be found and loaded.
Resolves an issue where installing Sound Library additional content on a system where the Sound Library has been relocated could cause the sound library to stop working.
Apple Loops

Apple Loops created from regions now include any left corner offset from the source region.
Preview in the Loop Browser now works reliably in large projects.
Resolves an issue where Apple Loops could sometimes increase in volume unexpectedly if there was a tempo change and the loops has Follow Tempo and Pitch enabled.

Track Stacks from other projects now import with the correct levels.
The bypass state of all plug-ins on a Drum Machine Designer instance is maintained when it is imported into another project.
When importing the Tempo and Marker tracks along with audio tracks from another project, there is no longer a superfluous dialog asking whether the tempo and markers should be imported from the audio files.
When importing Aux sends with bus assignments from other projects, the Automatic Bus Assignment setting is now respected.
When importing tracks from a different project in which the audio files cannot be found, it is now possible to skip importing the audio globally.
Logic no longer removes a small portion from the beginning of a 32-bit audio track imported from a movie file.
Dragging a PATCH file into the Main window from the Finder now creates a track with a properly configured output.
The first audio file imported into a project with the Use Musical Grid setting disabled no longer triggers an unexpected Use tempo dialog.
When an audio file is dragged to a track with a different channel format, Logic now shows a dialog offering to change the channel format of the track to match.
In the project import window, using the right arrow key or Option-clicking one of the check boxes to select all the options for the currently selected row now selects the Keep Bus Number option as expected.
Fixes an issue where Stereo channel strips imported with regions from one Logic project to another could be incorrectly set as mono.
Final Cut Pro XML files exported from Logic can now be reimported.
Bounce and export

Resolves an issue where Bank Select MSB messages in integrated PGM/Bank Select messages are always set to 0 when exported as MIDI files.
Exported MIDI files are no longer unexpectedly extended.
Contiguous Auto Slurs are no longer merged into a single slur when exported to MusicXML.
Regions with events to the left of the region start now export properly as MIDI files.
Merging stereo audio regions using Bounce and Join no longer unexpectedly creates a mono file when performed on tracks higher than 130.
There is now an option to Include Tempo Information when bouncing a project.
Fixes an issue where Compressor Output Gain is not accurately rendered in a bounced audio file.
When bouncing a track in place, the pan type is now reliably maintained.
Logic Remote

Fixes an issue where in Logic Remote, pressing the Mute button on a channel strip from a track that is in a folder could unexpectedly open the Audio Track editor in Logic Pro, and the Mute button now correctly displays the track mute status in Logic Remote.
Logic Remote now correctly updates the names of channel strips to reflect changes made in Logic Pro.
Logic Remote now properly displays faders as yellow when Sends on Faders is activated in the project after Logic Remote has connected to the Mac.
Logic Remote now displays playheads for Pattern Regions when the Step Sequencer editor is closed in Logic Pro.
In Logic Remote, adding the same MIDI FX plug-in a second time to the same insert slot no longer causes the plug-in to disappear from the slot in Logic Remote although it is still assigned in Logic Pro.
Logic now immediately adapts the Track Control bar size to zoom changes in Logic Remote.
Plug-in settings are now included when copy/pasting plug-ins in the Mixer view in Logic Remote.
Fixes an issue where Logic Remote would not display faders in the Mixer when scrolling with Sends on Faders enabled in Logic.
Control surfaces and MIDI controllers

MIDI controllers or control surfaces can now be used to control sub-tracks in an instance of Drum Machine Designer.
The Vintage Organ now supports the Crumar Mojo Classic controller
Resolves an issue where parameter labels on Mackie C4 control surfaces in Marker Overlay mode could change unexpectedly when an assignment is changed on another control surface from the same control surface group.
Text displays on control surfaces now respond more quickly to changes made in Logic.
Using a Mackie C4 control surface to switch the track input mode between stereo and mono for a Summing Stack that is being fed from a Bus no longer also switches the stack to an audio input.
The Vintage Organ plug-in now supports control from the Nord C2D.
Assigning plug-in insert bypass for a Software Instrument channel strip to a control surface no longer bypasses the insert after the one chosen for the assignment.
Fixes and issue where Logic could overwrite a control surface setup if a device that offers LUA script support had instead been manually configured to use the Mackie protocol.
If the factory plug-in for a Roland A-PRO device is installed, Logic no longer overrides it with Logic's built-in MIDI script.
Step Input

Notes created by Step Input from a MIDI keyboard are now immediately selected.

The Apply Last Edited Fade Again key command now applies for both Fade-ins and Fade-outs.
Global Tracks

The dialog asking whether to add a time signature change when cutting a section between the locators no longer appears if the Musical Grid is not in use.
Impulse Response Utility

Resolves an issue where the Deconvolution option in the Edit menu could activate when the open project has already been deconvolved.
Pressing Option while the input menu is open now allows all selected channels to be assigned to consecutive inputs.
Audio Device Support

The dialog asking whether to use or not use a newly connected audio device now remembers the user choice per device.

Copy-dragging a marquee selection now creates a single Undo step.
Fixes an issue where adjusting the volume fader on a track that is using a Binaural Panner could create two extra Undo steps in the Undo History.
It is now possible to undo tempo changes created by Tap Tempo.
Performing Undo now removes a MIDI cell from the Live Loops grid if the cell it is created by adding a MIDI event in the Piano Roll or a Pattern Region.
Fixes an issue where performing an Undo that shortens the end point of the project could leave the Playhead after the new end point.
The Rename Marker key command now creates an Undo step.
The Undo history now correctly displays the undo step for Change Track Color.
Undo steps for all selected Pan controls are now reliably created when a pan change is performed on them.
Performing Undo after extracting audio from a movie file no longer causes channel strips to be converted to Aux channels.

Audio files recorded with Low Latency Mode enabled now show the correct tempo and pitch when played in Varispeed (Speed Only) mode.

The Song Title text style in the Score window now properly shows the complete song title in cases where the title starts with a number followed by a period, a space and then 5 or fewer characters.
Clicking the Automation button in the Score now immediately opens the Automation view.
Grace notes and independent notes are now visually dimmed as expected when muted.
Fixes an issue where pasting into the details section of the Staff Styles window could minimize the window
Changes made to the text style in a text box are now immediately visible on existing text.
The automation view in the Score now updates to show changes when the Score is showing a single region.

MIDI regions created by directly pasting data from a MIDI editor to a track are now named for the track as expected, instead of being named MIDI region.
The Relative Position filter in the Transform editor now works when the “Selection defines position and/or pitch range” setting is active.
Resolves and issue where the Play button in the Audio Track editor could unexpectedly trigger Live Loop cells as well the regions in the track.
Selection of notes in the Piano Roll using the Select same Colored Notes command is now immediately visible.
Fixes an issue where the visible area in the Step Editor could jump unexpectedly to the end of the project when editing events with the Pen or Line tool if the region start has been dragged to the right of the first event.
Clicked note events in the Piano Roll now generate sound when the automation view is displaying region-based automation.
The playhead in an Event List showing the contents of a Live Loops cell is now in sync with the offset of the cell.
Fixes an issue where copying a note to the left of the current region start could also extend the region end to the right.
Opening the editor after converting a Pattern region to a MIDI region now opens the Piano Roll instead of the Step Editor.
The Audio Track Editor now shows Flex view by default when opened showing a track that is showing Flex in the Tracks area.
The Double Speed and Half Speed presets in the MIDI Transform editor now work consistently with longer regions.
Text copied and pasted from list editors now matches the visible columns displayed in the editor at the time it was copied.
In the Piano Roll, drag-copying a note within a region no longer unexpectedly changes the region boundaries.
Note Repeat now reliably provides a visible indication in the track that it's recording.

The Color Regions by Track and Name Regions by Track commands now work with MIDI take folders.
MIDI regions on Drummer tracks now display correctly when region-based-automation is displayed.
The individual track zoom setting is now maintained when clicking the separation line between automation sub-tracks.
Zooming with the Zoom Tool now displays the correct portion of the Tracks area when automation is visible as expected.
The Audio Track editor now switches to display a newly selected single track reliably.
A plug-in window opened while another plug-in window has focus now gets focus as expected.
Nudge by Milliseconds now moves the region or event by the correct amount.
Resolves an issue where the Reselect Solo-Locked Regions command could unexpectedly select all regions if Solo is not active.
Locked screensets containing only plug-in windows now show the lock indicator beside the screenset number.
The contents of MIDI Take folders now remain visible while they are being dragged.
Clicking regions on protected tracks now selects them when the Marquee Click Zone preference is enabled.
The Color Track by Region Color command now works when a Track Stack overview region is selected.
Fixes an issue where the Cut command could unexpectedly work on regions that are on locked tracks.
When the option “Select track on region selection” is enabled, dragging a selected region from one track to another now selects the destination track.
The Select All command no longer omits frozen tracks.
The Tuner in Logic is now available when an External Instrument track is selected.
Fixes an issue where lasso selected regions could be silent until after the mouse is released in Solo mode.
Help tags now consistently appear at the bottom of regions to avoid obscuring the area being edited.
Resolves an issue where a marquee selection could shift by the same amount an Anchor is offset from the region start.
Fixes an issue where Markers that were created with snap to grid enabled might continue to snap after Snap to Grid has been disabled.
Fixes an issue where MIDI recordings that have been discarded with the Command + Period (.) key combination could continue to appear in the track until the next screen redraw.
The selected tracks in the Track List now update correctly after Lasso selecting tracks over an existing selection in the Mixer.
Fixes an issue where pasting MIDI events into a region that has been shortened could cause the region to unexpectedly lengthen.
Fixes an issue where MIDI could be unexpectedly recorded to the Output track when recording audio from a device that also sends MIDI.
Shift-clicking to the left of a Marquee selection to extend it no longer causes the entire selection to move to the right.
Help tags no longer obscure Takes while comping in Take folders at certain zoom levels.
The Region Inspector now shows the correct mute state for multiple selection of some muted and some unmuted regions.
Dragging the Playhead now moves it in increments according to the current Snap setting.
Copying a region from a frozen track to an unfrozen track no longer brings up a dialog asking whether to unfreeze the original track.
Fixes an issue where option-clicking a region border while zoomed all the way out could cause the region border to move unexpectedly.
Adjusting contiguous regions with the Junction tool with the Drag Mode set to Shuffle L or Shuffle R no longer shuffles the regions.
Fixes an issue where the Synchronization Settings > MIDI window could open with the first destination in the list obscured.
Fixes an issue where double-clicking on a single-track folder would not open the folder to show its contents.
The Remove Silence window is now resizable.
Resolves an issue where take regions could still play back after deletion if Quick Swipe and Take Editing Click Zones is enabled.
The menu item to open the Musical Typing keyboard now remains available when the focused track record button is disabled.
The Beat Mapping view now properly shows audio waveforms when the system display settings are set to scaled with larger text.
Splitting a folder containing multiple tracks no longer converts it to a one-track folder if only one of the tracks has regions.
No Overlap mode now works when a region's length is extended into the next region by lengthening the last Flex Pitched note in the earlier region.
Sustain pedal data is now correctly written when recording is started within an existing MIDI region.
Ctrl + E can now be used to set the cursor to the end of a line in Logic text entry panels.
The “Drummer Tracks do not Support recording” dialog can now be dismissed using Esc or Command + Period (.)
Fixes an issue where track pads with Force Touch could vibrate unexpectedly when performing edits at certain zoom levels.
Activating a Marquee stripe in the Ruler now deselects currently selected regions.
Clicking and holding in the ruler now enables Catch Playhead as expected when the “Catch when moving playhead” is enabled in Settings > General > Catch.
Set Locators by Marker now works reliably.
Default fade settings defined in the Region Inspector are now applied to new audio recordings and to regions created by splitting existing regions.
Double-clicking the Play button now plays from the last locate position.
Double-clicking a MIDI region to open an editor no longer causes the Main window focus to shift the currently selected track.
The Tone setting for the Metronome now defaults to the middle setting rather than the lowest.
Resolves an issue where sending an odd-numbered Program Change message to an External Instrument that includes MIDI FX plug-ins could also send unexpected Bank Select messages.
MIDI events sent to an External Instrument are no longer 2ms late when MIDI 2.0 is enabled.
The Create Pattern Region command is now available in the contextual menu for Drummer regions.
It is now possible to remove the Output track from the Main window by deleting it.
Resolves an issue where open automation lanes could unexpectedly persist when changing to a Screen Set that does not display automation.
A disabled Record Enable button on a selected Software Instrument or External MIDI track no longer incorrectly shows as active after Logic has been put into record.
The typed-in name for a new group in the Project Audio window now can be confirmed by clicking outside the text entry field.
Logic now detects the correct number of speakers for a Studio Display selected as the audio output device.
Tracks that contain Live Loops cells but no regions are no longer selected when the Select Unused command is used.


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I'm loving this update so far. A lot of smaller inconspicuous changes that won't sell Logic Pro but that us-long-time-users will really appreciate: 

  • Individual Track Zoom can now be applied to a selection of multiple tracks.
  • There is now a Search Patch key command that opens the Patch area of the Sound Library and places the focus into the Search field.
  • When the Command key is assigned to the Marquee tool, clicking a region while pressing Command + Option + Shift adds the range of the region to an existing Marquee selection.
  • The number of Round Robins available in Autosampler has been increased from 8 to 32
  • There is a new key command called Remove Crossfades.
  • Smart Tempo detection has been improved
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This is an interesting one, if it does what I think it does:

- Logic now instantly writes all automation necessary changes when loading new AU presets while playing while writing automation.

And a fix I was hoping for:

- The plug-in window browser in Logic now reliably remains in sync when browsing through Audio Unit plug-in presets using the plug-in's internal browser

They must have liked this feature so much they listed it twice 🙂 :

- The Compare button now works consistently with third-party Audio Unit plug-ins.
- The Compare function now works with Audio Unit plug-ins.

Some MIDI output stuff:

- Logic can now capture MIDI data from AUv3 plug-ins as regions

And I think I saw a post not long back about about this issue:

- Track names for Kontakt patches now display as expected.

Another good one:

- Resolves an issue where installing Sound Library additional content on a system where the Sound Library has been relocated could cause the sound library to stop working.

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8 minutes ago, des99 said:

They must have liked this feature so much they listed it twice 🙂 :

- The Compare button now works consistently with third-party Audio Unit plug-ins.
- The Compare function now works with Audio Unit plug-ins.

Not only does it work, but it now works consistently!! 😅

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18 minutes ago, des99 said:

It was literally the second thing listed in the thread... 😄

Ha! That's how excited I am. Can;t even read.

Also Ableton link is huge. I still can't believe support for Rewire was dropped by Propellerheads but Ableton Link is so much better.

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18 minutes ago, MusiquedeReve said:

Hmmmm my Settings (formerly Preferences), still only has 24-bit rather than 32-bit

That's the recording preferences, which is different to what audio file formats Logic can import.

Logic can now import and playback 32-float files (for compatibility and avoiding what it previously did was extract the 24-bit data out of them and import just that).

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31 minutes ago, Mania said:

Couldn't they make the gain adjustment available without selecting a tool, just like in other DAWs? Or does anyone know if it's possible to adjust the gain without the gain tool if I enable Marquee click zones? (just like the fade adjustment?)

If it helps, I’ve replaced some of the screenset key commands to load the Pointer Tool and Gain Tool. For example, “1” now loads the pointer tool, and “2” loads the Gain Tool.

I’m hoping for a Gain Tool click zone in the future. But until then I find it easy enough to swap the Screenset keys as I never use them.

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I was initially a little excited to hear about midi record to region from plugin...  The naming of the feature could have been better.

This seems to basically insert midi plugins above the orange triangle into the midi signal path where live midi is coming from..prior to being recorded to the track.  So it lets you use midi plugins while recording your midi part recording the actual results of the midi plugins at that time as you play it in on your keyboard.  

Ok..that's fine.. But what it will not let you do is take an already recorded midi part and process through midi plugins, recording the result of that back to this track, or another track.

For recording the midi plugin results from pre-recorded midi tracks, looks like its still the good ol' IAC or MidiFXFreeze approach alive and well.

It is something though, I'll be curious to look under the hood and see what kind of midi timing information ends up on midi events recorded that way.



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