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How is Logic Pro processing Drummer data?

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i have a question about how LogicPro handles Drummer/Drum Kit data

i created a usable percussion track in Drummer (Drummer > Percussion > Quincy - Pop Percussion > the “Studio” sound set]

to have more control, i convert the Drummer track to a MIDI track

i do this by creating a New Software Instrument Track and select the Sounds from the Producer Kits > Studio+

and dragging the Drummer regions onto the New Software Instrument Track, which automatically converts and yields MIDI regions

everything sounds right

there are many varied Bongo/Conga hits BUT virtually all of the Bongo/Conga data is on one note (D3)

i look at the note data and assume Logic is using velocity to access/assign different sounds… but that’s not what’s happening

there can be two hits on the same note and with the same velocity (and same duration) and yet Logic is playing two completely different sounds

so my question is this:

how can i access/edit the sounds at whatever level Logic is using?


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BTW (bug?) there is a discrepancy between what is shown in the “Articulation" column and in the menu that pops up when I click on one of the Articulations (menu entry says “Cowbell” but results in “ClapsEnd3s”). Known issue?

1 minute ago, David Nahmani said:

Note that this is no longer the case since Logic Pro 10.8. 

but you can still convert the drummer region to a MIDI region using the dedicated command

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  • David Nahmani changed the title to How is Logic Pro processing Drummer data?
2 minutes ago, polanoid said:

Just checked in 10.5.0, works there as well (no difference to 10.8.1)

Ah in 10.5.0 there seems to be a difference between the producer kits (which just show numbers as Articulation) and the regular kits (which show names, but with the above mentioned bug). You can still edit both

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18 minutes ago, skylark said:

my LPX is not showing that Articulation column anywhere... not in the Drummer track nor the MIDI tracks (plain or Producer) 🤔💭 

You need to show this column in the Event list. Probably easiest to right-click into the list header and check the Articulation menu entry: image.png.fec68e8c9e3888eaae7814a7268b5218.png

Or, as I already wrote in my first reply, via the View menu

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